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Businesses Selling in Canada

Based on the destination of product & service delivery along with a few other eligibility criteria -> you can be required to register with a total of 5 tax agencies in Canada.

First and foremost is the Federal GST/HST which covers 6 provinces and all 3 territories.

(refer to the orange & green colored regions in TABLE CAN 1.0)

Additionally, you may require to register with 4 more provincial tax agencies

(refer to the blue-colored regions in TABLE CAN 1.0)

TABLE CAN 1.0 Guide for Sales Tax Rates across Canada

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Businesses Selling in the USA

NEXUS – that’s the term you must familiarize yourself with if your business is planning to sell in the USA market. Here are the two most common ways businesses create NEXUS/Connection(s) with States.

1. Physical Nexus

if you are just starting to sell in the USA then establishing the physical Nexus would be the first step (based on the location of people and properties).

2. Economic Nexus

if you have already been selling across the USA then also keep track of economic Nexus (based on sales transactions and/or dollar value thresholds).

Two most common points to understand when you pass the economic nexus thresholds.
Physical Nexus - Based on location People & Property.
Economic Nexus - All about your Sales usually in the past 12 months.
Table USA 2.0 Guide to list of thresholds according to general economic nexus laws.

Note: These are mostly common sales tax regulations applied to general businesses. it may not be a complete guide for your unique business situation; therefore, it’s recommended to consult a tax professional to establish nexus for your business.

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We work with audit-enabled cloud-based tools to create highly productive and seamless workflows to simplify day to day accounting activities.

What you get from Transcounts

We at Transcounts are hyper-focused on delivering excellent bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable & receivable, and Fractional CFO services and for that reason we do NOT file income tax returns. However, we have partnered with tax expert CPAs across the USA and Canada to file your corporate income tax return. We are happy to do the introduction with our network CPAs or even get your business income tax return filed on your behalf.

Can I file with my own CPA?

Absolutely, the decision is yours. You can opt to proceed with your existing tax professional, or collaborate with our partner firms. Regardless of your choice, we’ll send your year-end financials, reconciliations and address any queries they may have directly. You have the flexibility to receive the year-end package and forward it to your chosen CPA or tax professional – it’s entirely up to your preference and convenience.

Note: Access to our tax partner network and their discounted rates are exclusively accessible to Transcounts clients.

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